Who we are

Squeaky Wheelz Productions is an ensemble-based, multi-media production company in New York City. Exploring the mediums of theater and on-camera performance and production, SWP is committed to developing creative works that explore multiculturalism and promote cross-cultural understanding through creative storytelling within the United Stated and abroad.


our vision

Squeaky Wheelz Productions operates under three creative beliefs:

I) The Collaborative Artist: The company and its productions are driven by the collaborative spirit of its ensemble members who simultaneously assist in the creation and performance of a new piece of work. By undertaking performance, design, and technical aspects of a theatrical production, as well the administrative duties of the company itself, each member of the ensemble is challenged to not simply be only an actor, only a director, or only a writer, but an overall maker of a theatrical experience; The company's collaborative approach to the creative process encourages each artist to individually explore and discover their own voice while together cultivating a collective sense of artistic agency.

II) New & Contemporary Productions: Squeaky Wheelz productions examines the past in order to understand the present and build for the future. Through the context of present-day stories, local and global anthropological histories, and examining how art connects these different strands of time, the ensemble aims to examine how we’ve all arrived in the same place, together - to understand and reveal the factors that have played a role in this convergence. The Squeaky Wheelz ensemble synthesizes new devised work (originally and collaboratively developed by its company members), aims to premiere works of today’s newest playwrights, and re-imagines classical texts for the twenty-first century for a close examination of the past and detailed interrogation of the present.

III) Diversity & Intercultural Understanding: Squeaky Wheelz Productions aims to expose and celebrate the diverse makeup of twenty-first century North American culture through creative storytelling in an effort to bring to light the country’s intricate weaving of people, places and influences. What narratives are we raised upon, and how do they alter and affect our interactions? What makes each of us who we are today, and why? Through sharing our work within local, national and international communities, our ensemble aims to inspire deeper understanding and connection between oneself, one's neighbor and the world at large.

Everyone has a story. What's yours?


our members

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