Squeaky wheelz productions
& “the new neighborhood” Webseries!

The New Neighborhood is a mockumentary web series exploring what it means to be a New Yorker. As host, Fang, interviews his way through the 5 boroughs, he finds out what and who make up the great neighborhoods of New York. In his search, he proceeds to highlight the ever-diversifying demographics by turning the lens on some more-than-eccentric weirdos. The first season begins in Brooklyn. Who know who he'll meet in season 2! 

SWP & TNN have joined creative forces to proudly co-present Season 2 of The New Neighborhood. Season 1 was met with rave reviews, including screenings at:

Oregon Short Film Festival
Big Mini Film Festival
and HollyWeb Festival

Season 2 is currently in production, BUT the TNN team needs your help to make it happen! 

TNN is now hosting a fundraising campaign through Seed&Spark, an online fundraising campaign for independent filmmakers! Check out and contribute to their campaign HERE to help Season 2 reach its highest production potential! Any contribution size helps, but some amounts come with their own prizes and rewards as a thank you, including social media shout outs, a night out at a private karaoke room, or a day spent on set watching the movie magic happen! 

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