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Squeaky wheelz productions
& “the new neighborhood” Webseries!

"The New Neighborhood" is a mockumentary web series exploring what it means to be a New Yorker. As host, Fang, interviews his way through the 5 boroughs, he finds out what and who make up the great neighborhoods of New York. In his search, he proceeds to highlight the ever-diversifying demographics by turning the lens on some more-than-eccentric weirdos. The first season begins in Brooklyn. Who know who he'll meet in season 2! 


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Someone dies at the end

In a post-apocalyptic USA, seven survivors are forced to seek safety together in an underground bunker. Rations dwindle. Sparks ignite. Allegiance is challenged. Tensions build along class and racial lines. How do these divisive categories apply in a world that no longer exists?


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